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“Go … teach all nations … ” (Matt. 28 : 19, Ostervald Rev.) “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world. ” Nelson Mandela. Jesus wants us to get down to change the world in his own image ; Mandela African leader symbolizing the change has realized that education is the tool we need to get there.
That is why one of the objectives of the ITN- NTI is to have good teachers and well trained students to accompany the Church in its mission to influence and to raise a new generation with a full knowledge of Jesus Christ. You are welcome to make this journey with us. If you approach a local church of the Church of the Nazarene in your home country , then you ‘re near of our decentralized school in sub-Saharan Africa countries. We deliver our courses in French and English in 16 countries.
The ITN- NTI sees itself as a tool in the hands of the Lord to equip pastors and laity for the work of the mission received from the Lord in the Church of the Nazarene and beyond in a Wesleyan approach.
The size of the ITN-NTI totaled 1,000 students – either secular or clergy – who are preparing to minister . Come join us !

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Love the Lord with all our intellect. (Matt. 10:37).
Grace and peace,
Katambu Balibanga & Antero Daniel Fontes,

co-directors of the ITN-NTI

Katambu Balibanga


Antero D. Fontes